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Conducting a competition event is my way of putting back into the hobby. Proceeds from this Tabloid size issue will go towards prize money for Speed Weekend Melbourne next year. May 27-28. Two weeks after Mothers Day.
This Christmas issue is written for flyers and I’ve rung around some of the best in the business to put this newspaper size edition together. Sold direct by individual issue purchase, not through newsagents, to be notified when it goes ON SALE, you can leave contact details via the form below.  Or follow Stephen J Green on FacebookA
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Australia's F4c Scale Team prepares for the World Championships it reminded me of 2006 calling for my Father in the 2006 FAI F4c Scale World Champs. Two years later Dad replicated his vision for  improving standards of F3a aerobatic flying in this country by bringing top overseas competitors down under

In 2008 Australian modellers got the opportunity to see Englishman Pete McDermott's Scale World Champs static judged winning Sopwith Snipe at the Sth Pacific Scale Masters. Three companies selling ARF's jumped at the chance to promote scale flying in scale features in this magazine. Thanks principal sponsors Model Engines, Tates Performance Hobbies and Hobby Headquarters that money was raised in a couple of days. There are plenty of world class scale models in Australia. Wouldn't it be great to get them all together? 

Flying planes in front of people remains the best way of inspiring new and existing model fliers. As the hobby industry continues to shrink the local community airshow remains vital to promoting your model club. Pictured below are photographs of leading modellers previously published in the magazine

Where are our next aeromodellers going to come from?      

Issue #1 October 1997

Chris Callow F3D

5 time FAI World Champion's 350kph beat up along the main straight at Sandown 2015 emptied the exhibition hall in 30 seconds

Jim Brennan's B747

Scratch built in foam for the Futaba Trophy in the 1970s by the best  builder I've met it ended up in RCM News reader Richard Able's hangar

Bill Hamilton's P-51

Fibre Classic kit transformed to electric power with a scale size four blade flying prop by our resident high power specialist 

Damien Mould's A10

Debuted in 2006 you could have heard a pin drop at engine start for Damo's epic display flight at Sandown 2016

Richard Mudge Mew Gull

1st first place at Cobram Air Races and countless demo flights with the jaw dropping 300 kph snap roll

Ian Water's Cub 

Absolutely pristine example of a Grasshopper turns to line up at Burley Field 

Jeff Sussman's UH-1

On final into the pad at Melbourne RC Helicopter Club is one of this afficcionado's many scale machines 

Ken Thomas Gigant

Mark Collins did the finishing touches to see Ken's scratch built dream take flight

RCM News 2006 World Champs Build (PDF) F4C Team Member's experience (PDF)
Issue #1 October 1997

Marie Pedroz

The joy on Marie's face when she passed her Bronze Wings flight test time FAI World Champion's 350kph beat up along the main straight at Sandown 2015 emptied the exhibition hall in 30 seconds

Scott Bonnar

The lawn mower gag remains a favourite. The Skycutter was an ARF. Possibly still available in kit form, click the pic for the website

Graeme Johnston

Excellent club President of  Greensborough Model Aircraft  Club at the annual airshow that raised money for local charities

Prop Head Ted

My first RC flight school customer,  introduced me to a Mr John Walker.  For excellent model aircraft stands click the pic for Teddy's website

Clive Butler

Early pioneer of Giant Scale I spent a most interesting weekend at Grand Southern Cross Rally with Clive and Dr Ken Lawson 

Dr Ken Lawson 

Beautiful example of scale art at  Luskintrye Park it was a privilege to be offered a fly of Ken's giant  Lysander 

Peter Coles

Putting his money where his mouth was the Grand Southern Cross Rally was a cracking event that raised funds for a special Rotary project

Scott Matthews

Lifting off for the RPAS flight test brilliant model builder Scott and professional RC flyer and built a full size RA Zenith Cruzer 

Issue #1 October 1997

Steve Turna

Competing against five time winners of Adelaide Texan category Gary and Steve opitimises what competition flying is all about

Chris Henry

This wonderful one fifth scale Yellow Aircraft kit was on the front cover of our best ever selling edition #97

Damien Mould

His epic A-10 display flight at Sandown 2016 was something to see.  Damien nutted out a fix for his  Jetcat turboprop lube problem

Grahame Goodson

One of my first RC Flight School customers we test flew his Paulo  Severin J3 Cub off the beach adjacent the Great Ocean Road

Bryan Harper

Best President ever our hand shake deal to do a 2 day  airshow / competition  resulted in a $10,000 nett profit for his club 

Greg OKeefe 

Phillip Island Motorcycle Grand Prix the Corporate Airshow went within a whisker of doing  the Formula One Grand Prix  at Albert Park

Phil McGrane

 Shit stirrer like his old man, lost my best friend recently but landing his combat wing into his Ute when he bet I couldn't was gold 

Brian Green

Gas turbine folding wing Panther prior to detailing for the 2006 F4C World Champs. Dad is the most forward thinking RC mover and shaker I've ever met 


RCM News Racing

This year marked twenty five years since the Sensational Adelaide Air Race

Raising aeromodelling's profile the Sandown F1 Air Race offered selected up and coming fliers an opportunity to demonstrate their particular discipline in a high pressure environment in front of a crowd. So could an Aussie Scale Masters. In 2015 thsi magazine managed to jam pack Sandown's exhibition hall with radio control but my dream of filling that grandstand continues to elude me 

Building a major event on the RC calendar requires funds to be raised and put back in to grow it. The successful Cobram Air Races business model can do that.  2023 Speed Weekend Melbourne is on two weeks after Mothers Day  

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