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Trying to take a break from the hobby I have been weighing up whether to start publishing a quarterly print magazine where proceeds can go to the LSRCA to buy prizes, hire a Marqee etc, and bulld at least two big events a year. I won't be attending the Canberra race meeting. Not because I've taken a break from the hobby. Not because my models are in storage either. I have a Seagull Nemesis airframe to put together to race at Sandown next year. Earlier this year I decided to not support racing events where funds generated do not go to the the club.

Rather follow the time honoured tradition of model aircraft stabbing people behind their back before the AGM, and nobbling events, I'm calling on air racers to support Byron Simpson. Give him what he needs. What he needs is your vote via telephone at the AGM. Don't let what happened to the Valley Radio Flyers club happens to LSRCA Inc. RCM News supported that club as best it could and I'm asking the Shepp guys to help out.

News to hand is that Jeremy Randle, Tony Jones and others have have applied for positions on the Large Scale Racing Comittee. Fair enough. Jeremy is a great competitor and I really enjoy racing against him but he does not have the street smarts to grow a model club and take people with him. He doesn't see the bigger picture. What experience his side kick has to offer I don't know.

For the past few years Byron has suffered in silence. Dealing with Jeremy is hard. Just ask Les Davis. Just ask Mark Sill. At Sandown 2015 I advertised $1000 first place $600 second and 400 third place cash prizes for the F1 event. Sponsorship from Betta Home Living. Two weeks out the sponsor changed the deal and I had to offer vouchers. Pilots were notified. All good. After the event Jeramy wanted the cash. I sold the voucher back at wholesale and tipped in $300 cash to give him his money. Having done my nuts on the event this took me six months to a year to come up with the $300. Too hard!

Jeremy has repeatedly said he is speaking on behalf of NSW Pylon Association. NSW Pylon averages ten entries. WOW! During the past decades the one constant getting in the way of building up the scale racing scene has been people from the traditional pylon racing fraternity.

Stephen Green.


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