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If you have invested in a model based on Bank and Yank and event articles in RCM News, and/or subscribed to the magazine, I am sorry for the frustration you must been feeling. I thought this Air Racing scene had finally settled down. If Byron Simpson decides to stay on as President and members support him, I have committed to doing a new high quality quarterly print publication along with a digital title. Existing RCM News subscriptions will be honoured at my expense with proceeds going to the club. On that score the club bank account balance has doubled under Byron's stewardship. Promoting RD 1 at Sandown should see funds go into club coffers. Preliminary discussions for a huge Sydney event are set to progress. Two event in Vic, two in NSW.

Thanks to everyone who PM'd me. I'm not having a meltdown. Just fulfilling a promise made before Mum died not to be pushed around by dullards any longer. On the home page is fifty years worth. Condensed to an A4 page. Topping that list is Jeremy "Double Standards" Randle and Tony "Mobile Chicane" Jones.

Byron tried to call the AGM at Bendigo where we had a chum but Randle protested. Basically they tried to stack the next AGM attempt with a few mates. A problem with Proxy votes, the chairman had no alternative to adjourn the meeting. To be reconvened at a later date. Jones, usually an affable chap, took exception at that meeting to my telling NSW Pylon to go forth and multiply. Given the company he keeps one would have thought that turn of phrase by now would be water off a ducks back by now. The beauty of it was it cleared those jokers out of Byron's house faster.

I'm having a great time, busy in a couple of bands right now. Next month I will unpack the trailer and get ready to go flying with Dad. Keith Quigg is organising Sandown and I have to repair the Cassutt to practice my favourite routine to music that knocked Peter Goldsmith off at Geelong years ago. A victory short lived. Pete creamed me in Round 2. I must also confess the Byron Simpson after highlighting his tool box falling on the Seagull MSX-R fopah. Twice. Well my Cassutt fell off the wall unit and broke the stab in half.

Looking forward to going flying again. Every second Sunday at P&DARCS. Anyone is welcome to say gooday and have a fly with Greenies Meanies. The Fokkers won't shoot me down.

Cheers, Stephen Green.


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