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Stephen Green MAAA card 2019-2020
Phoenix Converta Plane

Anything is capable of aerobatics

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If you want to become more proficient at RC flying aerobatics is the go. If you want to become one of those people who can turn up, fly almost anything, even in atrocious conditions, competition aerobatics is the go. If you go to the flying field for just for a couple of flights and a chin wag your flying will not improve greatly but basic principles can still help. You don't need the latest and greatest to get started. Anything is capable of aerobatics.

A five flight minimum is required each time you go to the field. The first two just to settle the nerves. The next three to improve. Just like after you went solo. Practice and knowing your aeroplane is the key. Which is what I will be doing re-aqauinting myself with my childhood flying a 1970s classic design. Thursday March 26 Constellation Club in Adelaide is hosting the 2020 Futaba International Classic Pattern Competition. This is first flown to a new set of International rules. Hope this subscriber only print edition assists in helping your flying pursuits.



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