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Like to get better at radio control flying?

You might just want to boat around or you might aspire to go to a Fly In. Maybe just get better at managing your scale model or perhaps fly in your club's annual airshow. Learning the basics and practicing aerobatics is one proven way to improve your skills. You don't need an aerobatic design to loop and roll but they just make it easier. Even the old Classic Pattern jobs. Competition flying like F3a, F3C and IMAC teaches you the discipline for display flying. 

 Progressive clubs often run a simple club fun flying comp. It's a great way to get started. If not you can do a "Super EZ Off" with a few mates like I do. You don't need anything exotic either. A fantastic inexpensive model to practice new manouvres with is the FMS Super EZ.  I have one of these on floats and the others I jazzed up a little. On 3S mine will perform most of the 1972 FAI F3a schedsule.  On 4s my Power Chook Super EZ can do the lot.

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  Stephen Green. AUS 5932 

1971 Wotld Champs USA Dragon Fli - OS 60 Gold Head - Kraft gear - Multicon retractsDad at Gorizia 1973 World Champs with the Whislter Mk1VDorothy Green with the Ivan Kristensen design SaturnHow to land Dead StickPower Chook - FMS Super EZ in warpaint

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