Byron Simpson

Byron began aeromodelling in in the early 90’s and has been racing large scale since 2012, he enjoys all facets of aeromodelling and owns everything from free flight, control line and RC planes to a helicopter and a drone. Including a history in speedway it’s not surprising his main passion is for going fast and turning left and he also seems to know how to tell a decent story whilst being able to keep it interesting, hence his ongoing role with the Bank and Yank column. In the hangar Byron always has a couple projects on the go and enjoys not only building but also covering, making his “unique” colour scheme easy to identify if you happen to spot them around the traps.

Byron Simpson with his Harrod Performance Aircraft - Aussie made Mew Gull

Keith Quigg

Former MAAQ President, Keith has come up through the ranks of our great sport and for the past 35 years has been involved in some way shape or form. Keith’s radio controlled flying career began in the late 1970’s with a Cox PT-19 control line aircraft and then the Aeroflyte Super Trident glider before graduating to some very dodgy powered manoeuvres around the salty mud flats of Gladstone. The training persisted until his instructor Ralph Swann had left him controlling the fuel soaked Hustler with some degree of pilot-skill.

Keith’s photos and articles are well known to aeromodellers. As well as scribing for RCM News, in past years was published in several national 4WD and camping magazines and newspapers carrying out motoring reviews as a freelance journalist.

You will find Keith flying at the Pakenham and District Aircraft Radio Control Society as well as the Greensborough Model Aero Club, but he makes a point of trying to fly at as many venues as he can. After using most of the major radio brands, Keith is an ardent Futaba fan and now mainly has a fleet of 50 to 60cc petrol (not gas…..) powered scale aircraft. Make a point to go and say hi to Keith as he is always keen to share other aero modeller’s stories and experiences.

Keith Quigg with Extra-330

Dan Wheeler

Daniel is a third-generation RC pilot who started flying in 1988 when he was a 7yo with over 30 years of flying and about half that spent flying now and becoming an established F3A pilot, with this becoming his main focus. Flying with Dan’s column started in 2017, it’s all about events attended and the fun times he enjoys just flying each weekend with his mates and teaching his son to fly. He proudly supports the Futaba brand and loves the quality and feel.

Dan Wheeler with his scale aerobatic aircraft - Yak 54

Dean Williams

Dean has been flying RC models for 21 years, the last 19 of those as a dedicated electric flyer. Since 2001, Dean has been sharing his adventures in the ever growing world of clean and quiet e-powered aircraft with the readers of RCM News, writing over 70 articles. His first was a review of the original Multiplex Twinstar, which sparked a passion and respect for Multiplex models and radios that continues today (the Twinstar II and Tucano are favorite go-to models). Dean is also a dedicated fan of Hitec radio gear and chargers, and enjoys closely examining their many facets and features.

Dean Williams with his 60cc Phoenix Models - Tucano electric version

Damien Mould

Damien Mould Flies an extensive variety of aircraft types including electric, piston and turbine powered turbine aircraft, gliders and helicopters. Damien is an MAAA Heavy Model and Turbine Heli-Inspector.

RCM News Magazine Issue 143

Bill Hamilton

Bill Hamilton is a highly experienced FAI F5B World Championship competitor. Bill’s specialty is high powered electric F5b EDF and power models.

Bill Hamilton with his Fibre Classics - P51 Eletric Powered with scale flying prop

Scott Matthews

Scott flies RC for a living. I Fly RC is a licensed UAV-RPAS operator offering film and video footage and he offers professional model building services. Scott flies F3a aerobatics competitvely and is seen at many airshow and events around the country.

Scott Matthews with his Bill Hemple designed 50% Pitts Special

Charlie 89

Charlie has been playing with model aircraft continuously from the age of seven, and is now eligible for flu shots at taxpayer expense. In full-size aviation, he has gone close to solo in a T31 glider, sat in the rear end of many aircraft large and small, and dabbled in ground instruction at two private flying schools. The majority of his career was in adult education and training, giving him the eagle eye to detect misused words, missing commas and the dreaded extra space. He stays in training for the proof-reading role by reviewing the local tabloids and the subtitles on TV. His current modelling interests include sailplanes and electric soarers, electric aerobats in wood and foam, and various indoor flying experiments. Unfortunately, national security issues prevent us from showing his face or revealing his private identity.

Our Top Secret Proof Reader Is Charlie 89

RCM News Racing

Setup, component selection engines props this column provides race proven information for anyone interested in 60 cc powered models, the affordable sweet spot in large model aviation

Fleet of F1 ARF racers at Bendigo 2017

Aussie Bush Flying

Get a taste of the good ole Aussie outback with Basic stick n' rudder flying taildraggers like the Multiplex Fun Cub XL equipped with a couple of Runcam2 cameras capturing some wildlife in outback settings.

Multiplex Fun Cub XL arriving at the Belmont Common on a frosty morning

Outback Joe

Outback Joe waits patiently for the 2018 Medical Express Teams to send out their experimental autonomous UAVs to retrieve his latest blood sample.jpg

Outback Joe awaiting his blood sample