Brian Green 1971

Brian Green at FAI World F3A Doyestown USA 1971

FAI F3a World Champs Doylestown USA. Phil Kraft Dragon Fli – Kraft KP6 radio - OS 60Goldhead rear induction – Multicon retracts - 660sq in wing - 8lb 13 ounces 28/lbsq foot wing loading.

Radio Control Model News Magazine

Competition pursuits continue to drive technology. Sport modellers benefit with performance and prices not thought possible two decades ago. Competing with an aeroplane (airplane), helicopter, glider and now multicopter the expectation is to safely fly a set schedule of manoeuvres within set airspace to a given standard in a range of weather conditions. One has to start the engine on time and tune it or not have an EP prop fly off, not exhaust the battery. Learning to program gets the the best from a computer set. Casting experienced competitors' eyes over the information in this publication cut through.

This magazine endeavoured to reflect what is happening in the market place. First and foremost this was a model aeroplane, glider and helicopter read. Building buying flying. FPV quad racing is pretty cool but whether aeromodelling derives any benefit from the spectacular Camera Drone Revolution remains to be seen. We cover the commercial aspects because it offers an exciting new career path. Electronics make learning to fly much easier. As an industry will we be able to convince people to take the extra step and switch off the autopilot? The thrill of building your own model then stick and rudder flying it up into the wild blue yonder remains alive and well.

Dot Green 1986

Dot Green with Brian's Saturn

Dot Green with Brian's Saturn.

Stephen Green 2017

Stephen Green with Dragon Fli

Circa 2021 Phil Kraft Dragon Fli - OS 75AX Futaba 16SZ