Stephen Green 2017

Stephen Green with Dragon Fli

Phil Kraft Dragon Fli - Futaba 16 SZ radio- OS 75 AX – Aircraft Mechanic retracts. Would you believe 660sq in wing - 8lb 13 ounces 28/lbsq foot wing loading.

Brian Green 1971

Brian Green at FAI World F3A Doyestown USA 1971

FAI F3a World Champs Doylestown USA. Phil Kraft Dragon Fli – Kraft KP6 radio - OS 60Goldhead rear induction – Multicon retracts - 660sq in wing - 8lb 13 ounces 28/lbsq foot wing loading.

Stephen Green 1986

Stephen Green with Revolution 60 rigid rotor helicopter

Revolution 60 rigid rotor helicopter. Sankyo 6N heli radio – Rossi 60 with pipe.

Line Stringer

Scratchbuilt RC Line Stringer

Scratchbuilt. Sankyo 7N radio -OS 60FSR with pipe. Towed 1 mile 90lb breaking strain fishing line at 6000 feet asl.

Sukhoi SU 26

Sukhoi SU 26

1999-2001 Phillips Island World 500cc Motorcycles Grands Prix. 1/3rd scale JR 388 radio Zenoah G74 twin.

Business Card - 2000

Stephen Green's business card in 2000


RCMNews/Flyboys Racing

RCMNews Racing


H Models Nimbus 4


¼ scale - 5.5 metre span - 5 kg - Futaba 16SZ- twin R7006 SB FAASTest RX – SBS 01G GPS sensor

Phoenix PC9

Phoenix PC9


Stephen Green's Second Trainer
Aeroflyte Invader MkII

Stephen Green's Second Trainer - Invader


Editors Personal Fleet

Editors Personal Fleet of RC aircraft

The editor flies most types of RC aircraft.

Radio Control Model News Magazine

Published twelve times/yr, Radio Control Model News is our high gloss copy now available by subscription. Digital copy is now available as a print friendly pdf. Beginners can access hard to find Learn to Fly information in the $1 Shop in our Store.

$1 Shop

Not known for hype this is an owner operated family business with a competition heritage. Our print magazine first took flight to coincide with the FAI World Aerobatic Pylon Helicopter World Championships at Wangarratta Victoria. Published in 1991 by Brian and Dorothy Green, Dad was the event director.

Competition pursuits continue to drive technology. Sport modellers benefit with performance and prices not thought possible two decades ago. Competing with an aeroplane (airplane), helicopter, glider and now multicopter the expectation is to safely fly a set schedule of manoeuvres within set airspace to a given standard in a range of weather conditions. One has to start the engine on time and tune it or not have an EP prop fly off, not exhaust the battery. Learning to program gets the the best from a computer set. Casting experienced competitors' eyes over the information in our publications cuts through. Readers can be assured it if gets reviewed at least it has been flown a number of times. Reviews Revisited appears on a regular basis.

Publishing Editor

Stephen Green started flying in RC 1971 and flew the FAI F3a schedule of manoeuvres in Novice Aerobatics at the 1972 Nationals in Geelong. What might seem a rapid progression to some, this is not unusual for people whose father was a competitive modeller. Just a kid, no fear and flying company aeroplanes three days a week. Dad happened to be the Australian agent for Kraft Systems Inc, the world's leading brand of radio control sets back then. Brian was Dubro's first ever export customer. Stephen grew up representing brands including Lanier, Sullivan Products, Pacer Products, Wilhold Glue, Hobbypoxy Paint, Graupner, Kato Model Co (MK), YS Engines, Sankyo Radio.

Stephen was one of the first in this country to fly RC aircraft commercially. Stunt flying at major motor sport events, TV and film, power line stringing, flying school and airwork from RC and full size aircraft. These days he sells magazines and advertisments for a living. Manufacturers come and go. Agencies change hands. He supports companies who support the magazine with product and promotion but readers can be assured that he won't puff up a product to make look better than it actually is. Advertisments do that. Our product reviews don't gloss over problems. Foibles come with fixes. Nit picking for the sake of it doesn't help anyone although these days the standard of brand name models and gear just keeps getting better.

Welcome to my World

Aeromodelling for me has been different to most people in Australia. I had a privileged RC life. My father has been at the leading edge of change ever since I was a kid.

My surname give me access to the competitive world across a number of disciplines. Any reader who purchases my magazine is more than welcome to contact me if they are seeking advice to nut out a problem. We neither sell email addresses nor carry adverts that are not aeromodelling related. By modern standards that's a bit old school too. If you have a build project they would like to share please let me know. It doesn't have to be fancy. One of my favourite builds was the Phil Kraft Das Little Stick. Modifications and a creative flight plan caused a stink when I won the DARCS Club annual 100 lap pylon. Competitors who didn't read or understand the rules demanded they be changed.

This magazine has always endeavoured to reflect what is happening in the market place. First and foremost this is a model aeroplane, glider and helicopter read. Building buying flying. FPV quad racing is pretty cool but whether aeromodelling derives any benefit from the spectacular Camera Drone Revolution remains to be seen. We cover the commercial aspects because it offers an exciting new career path. Electronics make learning to fly much easier. As an industry will we be able to convince people to take the extra step and switch off the autopilot? The thrill of building your own model then stick and rudder flying it up into the wild blue yonder remains alive and well at Radio Control Model News magazine.

Flyboys is a single pilot operation. It is not a corporation. Readers are most welcome to contact the editor with tips, problems or anything related to the pursuit of building, assembling and flying RC models. We’re happy to help! Flying at events it sometimes take a day or two to respond but the Control Tower operates most weekdays on Boeing Time. 707 – 717 – 727 – 737 -747 -757 -767 - 777 -787. (It is okay to call the tower between 7.07-827 AM or 7.07-8.27 PM)

Stephen Green.
CASA ARN 576621



Full up with full flap the BD-5 takes off through the mud Aussie Bush Flying style

Full up with full flap the BD-5 takes off through the mud Aussie Bush Flying style


Tattersalls Sukhoi

Tattersalls Sukhoi

Tattersalls Sukhoi has flown under every bridge at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circruit. Inverted under the Gardner Staight was awesome. Zenoah G74 JR 388 radio.