F1NAR F1 Air Race Championship Round 3

NAAS Field Canberra October 21-22- 2017 www.naas.org.au

Thunder Chicken Engine

RCM News Racing

This upcoming section of the mag will feature all manner of "Extremis Flyus" events and paraphernalia, so get your heart pills ready and strap yourself in prior to exposing yourself to the cutting edge of your airborne hobby in the November/December issue. Truly shocking.

RCM News is the only magazine in the world with its own race pilot. WG Gilderslag specialises in 1/3rd scale. Follow his racing exploits in Bank and Yank. There is a world of free information in cyberland today but much of it can be misleading. Flight Training is model aviation’s bread and butter too. Catch WG's Flyboys Flight Training in every edition”.