Current Edition 144

We fly the latest Futaba 16SZ

Orginal AeroFlyte kit cutting dies

You won't find this on Gumtree

Classic Pattern in WA

170mph race tape at Newbridge

Electric power at NSW Scale Champs

Highly detailed Comp ARF Mig 15

A Grey Nomad Trek

Whopping 20kg lolly drop load

A step closer to fulfilling his dream

Go fast in 15 minutes

FMS is super easy off water too

Wow! 3.6 metres at 1.7kg

Dan helps out with the ironing

Turn A Blade

Spooling Up

Soaring Circle

The Build

Bank & Yank

Aussie Bush Flying

RCM News Magazine Issue 144

In the November Issue we fly the new Futaba 16SZ radio. The radio has been flown in a number of models with FAAST, FAASTest, T-FHSS and FHSS receivers. Ross Bathie’s four year project to turn a Bill Hemple ARF 46% Piper Pawnee into a glider tug took the air. Retractable tow line winch, built in TX case and a whopping 20kg lolly drop capability should give an unprecedented sugar fix at model aircraft displays. Paul Golz had done an amazing job on detailing the Comp ARF Mig 15 which also took to the sky. “Come on Dad, let’s build a plane” the worldwide trend towards building continues and local production received a boost. Aero Flight Models Australia is now manufacturing Hustler and Brolga kits. Electric conversion are on the way plus control line. The range of free flight models are available for Christmas.

Michael Timms adds to his collection of old RC helis and eight year old Rhys Wyatt takes a setup closer to fulling his dream of becoming a sponsored RC heli pilot after flying his routine to music in IRCHA’s Got Talent in front of 700 registered pilots. Extreme Zone checks 170mph race tape with FAI F3D and F3T high speed pylon action at Newbridge. There’s Classic Pattern WA style. Victorian’s Brian Green and Rod Mitchell attend the NSW State Scale Championships. Bank and Yank has the new F1NAR 2018 race calendar, Andrew Ward’s flying skills, something you won’t see on Gumtree and Byron Simpson stole the show giving two eight year olds their first flight on a Cox .049 control liner. Flying with Dan is flat out RC ironing before the F3a event at Twin Cities Model Aircraft Club. Scale Soaring looks at composter gliders.

World of Foam: Grey Nomad Trek looks at suitable models to chuck off the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight. Fifteen minutes after Peter Papas opened the FMS Super Scorpion carton at the flying field this hot 90mm EDF was ready to fly. The cute little FMS Red Dragon in Flight School reminds Stephen Green of his first RC model and Bryon Simpson’s FMS Super EZ flies on floats, plus a peek at ageing membership.

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